CCXP COLOGNE: 27.–30.06.2019


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Reserve your CCXP COLOGNE tickets and prepare yourself for this extraordinary experience! Hurry up – regular tickets are only available until May 31 2019! For all the real comic fans who don’t want to miss a thing, our Epic Experience and Full Experience come with numerous goodies such as early entry, an exclusive merchandise kit and much more.

Be part of THE comic con experience of the year! CCXP COLOGNE 2019 awaits with Hollywood celebrities, exceptional attractions and a spectacular program. Dive into the unique world of movies, comics, fantasy, and end-time.

Note: Autograph- and photosessions can be purchased separately for each ticket owner as of 21 May 2019. Prices will be published in the ticket shop at a later date.

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The CCXP COLOGNE will take place for the first time from 27.06.-30.06.2019.

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