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Lesung aus "Die Seiten der Welt" und "Die Krone der Sterne" | Event on the CCXP Cologne - Comic Con Experience

Reading from "Die Seiten der Welt" und "Die Krone der Sterne"

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29.06.2019 | 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Reading Café


The event

"Die Seiten der Welt" by fantasy bestseller author Kai Meyer - A MAGICAL NOVEL FULL OF FANTASTIC ADVENTURES
"As she walked down the stairs to the library, Furia could already smell the stories: the best smell in the world."
Furia Salamandra Faerfax lives in a world of books. Her family's country estate holds an infinite library. In her depths, Furia is searching for a very special book: her book of souls. With it she wants to unleash the magic and power of words.
 But then her brother is kidnapped and Furia has to fight for his life. Her path leads her to Libropolis, the city of disappeared bookstores, and to the borders of night refuges. She meets Cat, the thief in exile, and Finnian, the rebels. Together, they go to war - against the rulers of bibliomancy and the deciphering of all books.

Die Krone der Sterne (The crown of the stars)
A dramatic space adventure in widescreen format full of action and magic by bestselling author Kai Meyer
The galactic kingdom of Tiamande is ruled by the Almighty God Empress and her Order of Witches. Her girls are regularly fed as brides from distant planets. Nobody knows what happens to them.
 When the young aristocrat Iniza is chosen, she is to be brought to the throne world aboard a space cathedral. Her secret lover Glanis, the disillusioned bounty hunter Kranit and the all-rounder Shara Bitterstern do everything to thwart the witches' plan. In the laser fire of massive spaceships, they fight for their future - and against a cosmic threat, which puts even the star magic of the god empress in the shade.