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Lesung aus "Ein Engel für Vinz" | Event on the CCXP Cologne - Comic Con Experience

Reading from "Ein Engel für Vinz"

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27.06.2019 | 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Reading Café


The event

Out of financial difficulties, the highly pregnant Arabella, an ex-model with a scarred cheek, goes to a dubious casting in an angel outfit. On her way there, she is almost run over by the deadly and attractive Vinzenz, who is hunting for a human trafficker. Until now, the centuries-old vampire knew only one purpose in life: revenge filled with hatred, but one touch from her is enough to awaken his longing for love.
Too late it becomes clear to him that Arabella is walking straight into the claws of his arch-enemy. To save her, he is willing to break iron vampire rules and even risk burning in the sunlight. But only heaven knows whether they won't both lose their lives in the diabolical game of his archenemy ...
First part of the story of Vinz&Ara from the series "Unsterblich geliebt".
The second part is lower of the title "Geliebter Engel in Gefahr" has already appeared.