CCXP COLOGNE: 25.–28.06.2020


Frequently asked questions on CCXP COLOGNE

Travel and accomodation

Which entrance can I use for CCXP COLOGNE?

Admission to CCXP COLOGNE is via the Entrance North. If you arrive by train, free shuttle buses will be waiting for you at the Entrance South to take you to the Entrance North. For those arriving by car, we recommend the P22 car park. From there you can reach the Entrance North on foot in a few minutes.

Am I allowed to take photos as a normal visitor at CCXP COLOGNE with a SLR camera?

The taking of photographs, filming, production of video recordings, drawing, painting, etc. for private purposes is fundamentally permitted. If you are carrying a tripod, please note that this may not be set up in the entrance areas for safety reasons. If you want to take pictures of trade stands, products of the exhibitors or other third parties, or of persons, this requires the prior assent of the respective owner. Under observance of the corresponding guidelines, professional photographers may accredit themselves as media representatives .

Artists' Alley

How do I become an artist at Artists' Alley / where can I register?

Here you can apply to participate in the Artists' Alley: Application Artists' Alley


How do I become a brand / where can I register?

Here you can register as Brand: Become a brand


Why are some setcards hidden under Walking Acts on the website?

On the website we show only a selection of cosplayers to show the range of costumes. In total there will be about 200 Walking Acts at CCXP COLOGNE - let us surprise you!


Which brands / artists will be on site?

The first star announcements are not far away, but we still need a little time. On our new website you can get a first impression of what the CCXP will look like: Line-up of the CCXP COLOGNE

Will Panini's artists and cartoonists also be there?

Yes, Ivan Reis , Joe Prado and Miguel Fernandez Martinez will be there. And that on all four days!

Which stars will be at CCXP COLOGNE?

There will be actors - who exactly, we will announce in the next weeks and months! Stay up to date here: Celebrities at CCXP COLOGNE

I heard Zachary Levi is coming to CCXP COLOGNE. When will he be there?

Zachary Levi is coming to Cologne - and you will soon be able to buy your ticket for an autograph or photo with Zachary Levi in our Ticket Shop. Zachary Levi will be visiting us on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Will Zachary Levi be there for photos and autographs?

We are very happy that Zachary Levi will take the time for photos with you and will also be available for autographs. Further information will be announced soon.

How many star guests will come to CCXP COLOGNE?

The selection of stars continues at full speed. We give everything for a super programme with the best pop culture guests.

Will there also be a panel with my Star?

This is different and depends on the time window that the stars have for the CCXP COLOGNE. The whole program will be ready in time before the event.

What does a photo session with my star look like?

Each star has several time slots for photo sessions. So, when you purchase your ticket for a photo session, please pay close attention to the selected time slot.

If you miss your time slot, you have no claim to have the photo taken at another time.

Principally, only persons with a valid photo session ticket have access to the photo studio. Children and accompanying persons, etc. must wait outside.

You should please already be prepared (hair, makeup, etc.) when you enter the photo room. You can leave your things on a separate table.

You position yourself next to your star in front of a photo wall and look into the camera together with him or her. The photo will then be taken by a professional photographer.

It is not permitted to take own photos or videos during the photo session.

You must then immediately ascertain whether you are satisfied with the photo. If the star, for example, has closed his or her eyes, we can take a new photo. There will be no second try if you don't like your smile in the photo.

After taking the photo, gather up your belongings and go to the photo issuing station. There you can pick up your photo printed on high quality photo paper in a 15 x 20 cm format.

Can I have a conversation with the actor during the photo or autograph session or present him or her with a gift?

Due to the tight schedule, we would kindly ask you to refrain from doing so during the photo sessions. During the autograph sessions it depends on how many people are stood behind you in the queue.

But, of course, here too we have to ensure that we adhere to the schedule to make sure everyone receives an autograph.

May I take selfies during the autograph session with the stars?

Selfies are generally prohibited unless they are offered for the respective star in the Ticket Shop.

How does that work with the autographs?

Each star has several time slots for autograph sessions. So, when you purchase your ticket for an autograph session, please pay close attention to the selected time slot.

If you miss your time slot, you have no claim to receive the autograph at another time.

You can either have the star sign an autograph card, which is of course included in the ticket price, or bring your own photo with you to be signed. Principally, one autograph is allowed per ticket.

Are all stars present on all four event days of CCXP COLOGNE?

No! The presence varies from star to star.

You can find the days on which each star is present either at the page of the star or collectively at the ticket page .

Will Idris Elba and Jason Statham also be there for autographs or photo sessions at CCXP COLOGNE?

Idris and Jason are guests of Universal Pictures. They are not available for autographs and photo sessions during CCXP COLOGNE. Their panel will take place on Friday, 28.06.2019, at the Thunder Theater. Time will be announced soon.


Where can I accredit myself as a blogger / journalist?

The accreditation is explained on the following pages:

-> Accreditation for journalists

-> Accreditation for Creators

Please contact Judith Mader for questions regarding the accreditation.



I would like to work at CCXP COLOGNE? Is that possible?

Please email your request to

We will then forward your request to our service providers.


Do I have general access to CCXP COLOGNE with a ticket for autograph or photo sessions?

A ticket for autograph and photo sessions is only valid for an appointment with one of our stars. You must have a valid day or season ticket for the CCXP COLOGNE.

When will the ordered tickets be shipped?

You'll get your ticket in April. We will send your ticket by post to the address given in your ordering.

Can I cancel or return my ticket?

In accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, the cancellation, return or transfer of tickets is not permitted under any circumstances.

I have a severely disabled person's identity card with the mark “B" - What about my company?

Visitors with a severely handicapped pass with the mark „B" need a regular admission ticket (Standard, Epic Experience or Full Experience) for the CCXP COLOGNE. The accompanying person receives free admission, regardless of the ticket category of the visitor with a severely handicapped pass with the mark BB". For this purpose, it is mandatory to present the badge with the mark „B" at the entrance. This only applies to admission to the exhibition grounds. Accompanying persons will not have access to the areas for which separate tickets are required (e.g. autograph and photo sessions) without a separate ticket. The accompanying person requires a separate ticket for this purpose.

Do autographs and photos of cosplayers like Kinpatsu Cosplay require autograph- and photosession tickets or is it possible with normal tickets?

No further tickets are required. Our international cosplayers, also known as Kinpatsu Cosplay, will be available on the Cosplay Universe area for autographs and pictures in front of our photo wall.

When will autograph and photo tickets be available?

We are still in the process of preparing for this. We're doing everything we can to get you tickets for your stars soon.

What will autograph and photo tickets cost?

We are still in the planning stage. Prices for autograph and photo tickets will vary from star to star.

Does the Full Experience ticket include a parking space?

Yes, the Full Experience ticket includes a parking space.

Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket for the photo or autograph session?

Yes, please be absolutely certain to bring your photo session tickets printed out in DIN A4 format (please not on your mobile, etc.).

Be absolutely sure to note: Forgotten or lost tickets can not be replaced or reimbursed.

No ticket = no photo or autograph!

Is the photo voucher in the Epic Experience ticket also applicable to Zachary Levi?

Yes, the voucher can be used for any star who is available for photos.

Can I take an accompanying person / child with me to the photo session?

No, only persons with a valid ticket have access to the photo area.

Children of all ages and all types of accompanying persons either need their own ticket for the photo session or must wait in front of the cabin without exception. Parents or guardians must ensure that the children are properly supervised during their photo session. Responsibility for supervision cannot be delegated to our staff.

Can two people appear in the same photo?

Yes, when both persons have purchased their own ticket for the photo session.

What happens when the actor cancels, but I have already purchased my photo session ticket in the advance sale?

No problem. In this case, we will automatically reimburse you the money for the photo session ticket without you having to take any action.

Full Experience and Epic Experience ticket holders can choose a new slot / star.

Will there be an autograph service at CCXP COLOGNE if I can't visit the event?

At CCXP COLOGNE in 2019, autographs from the stars will only be possible on site.