Fan Groups / LARP - Review 2019

As an enthusiast of life action role playing, you certainly shouldn't miss CCXP COLOGNE. In Sao Paulo CCXP - Comic Con Experience - is already a huge success and now it's been to Europe for the first time. Whether the Middle Ages, fantasy or the apocalypse - here you can experience totally new roles.

Whether you put on a costume to throw yourself into epic battles or just wanted to dive into different worlds - at CCXP COLOGNE you were right here.

The theme Star Wars was of course represented here, alongside many other LARP and fantasy highlights. You wanted to prove yourself a superhero and present your secret powers to the Avengers of the Marvel universe? Or did you prefer to spent time in a fallout world as a lonely hero? Even as a Ghostbuster there was plenty for you to do at CCXP COLOGNE. Or perhaps you recognised yourself as a passionate fan of Mad Max, Harry Potter or the Transformers? All of these universes and world came together at CCXP COLOGNE.

Armed with your best costumes, you were able to meet many other fans of the most famous comic, film, game and series series in Cologne and immerse yourself in the world of Marvel, DC, Transformers and many more.

Star Wars


You love STAR WARS or are familiar with this universe even through to its darkest corners? Then CCXP COLOGNE is exactly the right place for you!

Because Star Wars fans from the entire galaxy shouldn't miss out on this big occasion: No less than five fantastic fan groups and major attractions of the popular Star Wars universe will come together on a galactic area spanning 1,000 m².

Whether a wise Jedi, tough superhero or fearless warrior - all of your idols from Star Wars and many other worlds will meet up at CCXP COLOGNE, which is being staged in Cologne from 27 to 30 June 2019.

Star Wars 501st
Star Wars 501st

A group that is recognised by Lucasfilm - and which appears in the novels of Timothy Zahn and in the game Battlefront 2? It goes without saying - it's a must-attend visit for every Star Wars fan! The 501st Legion is the world's largest Star Wars costume club, with more than 10,000 active members from Japan through to Australia.

The 501st was founded in 1997 by Albin Johnson, who wanted to unite fans from all over the globe. It worked - and now the German Garrison of the 501st are coming to CCXP COLOGNE with their amazing cosplays! Also on board: The Polish Garrison, which is bringing a fantastic replica of the Cantina Bar with them.

Star Wars – AT-ST
Star Wars – AT-ST

Welcome to the dark side: An imperial AT-ST, the matching speeder bike and the droids from the battle for Forest Moon Endor - one of the most epic battles from the Star Wars sage is coming to CCXP COLOGNE! For the first time ever you can have photos taken with the AT-ST and the Empire's units in Cologne!

The team of Project X1 has been building Star Wars requisites, from Tie Fighters through to the X-Wing, since 2012. The 26 members work together with Lucasfilm, even Mark Hamill alias Luke Skywalker has had a photo taken with one of their Tie Fighters - which is no surprise because the realistic props of the group are really unbeatable!

Star Wars – Mandalorianische Beskarschmiede
Star Wars – Mandalorianische Beskarschmiede

© Beskarschmiede

What is even cooler than Boba Fett? His epic armour of course! At CCXP COLOGNE you can meet up with the bounty hunter in full gear - as well as lots of other Mandalorian warriors in their legendary beskar'gams.

Since 2011 the members of the Mandalorianischen Beskarschmiede have been replicating unique, true-to-detail Mandalorian suits of armour. So if you have always wanted to experience one live or even design and build one yourself: This is the place to be for you! So: "Ret'urcye mhi." What that means? Find out at CCXP COLOGNE!

Star Wars – Star Wars Fans Dortmund e.V.
Star Wars Fans Dortmund e.V.

© by Star Wars Fans Dortmund e.V. und Adrian Piwo

A selfie with Han Solo? No problem. A short trip to Tattooine? That's possible too. Finally meet R2-D2? Sure. What you have to do for this? Simply visit CCXP COLOGNE - and the stand of the Star Wars Fans Dortmund e.V.! Take your photos in front of the Tattooine photo wall or at the new Han Solo photo point, admire the lightsabre shows, get to know new moves yourself - the total Star Wars experience awaits you here!

The Star Wars Fans Dortmund e.V. has nearly 40 members and is one of the largest private clubs in the region. Their realistic requisites and photo points have been crowd-pullers at diverse conventions and events all over Germany since 2014 – and in June they'll be rocking CCXP COLOGNE!

If you want to know more about us, visit us on Facebook.

Star Wars – X-Wing
Star Wars – X-Wing

Already seen an X-Wing live or sat in the cockpit? Not yet? We can reveal this much already: It is out of this world - and you can try it out yourselves! The team of Z-Montagen is bringing an original sized aircraft with them to Cologne.

The team comprising of carpenters and sculptors has been building eye-catchers and props for years - with an equal amount of passion as attention to detail. You can find all information and the group's work on the Z-Montagen website - and at CCXP COLOGNE you can experience it all live!

You can find more information about our work at the website of ZMontagen .



A photo with Tony Stark? Awesome! And that is not all - Iron Man is also bringing the Avengers with him to the CCXP COLOGNE! Thor, Spiderman, Black Panther, Captain America, Black Widow and Captain Marvel are all going to be there in Cologne! Take photos with your superheroes, take a seat on the illuminated Wakanda Throne, admire the Avengers' van or listen to the Avengers' soundtrack played by the Stark Entertainment Orchestra!

The team from Stark Entertainment is number 1 in the world when it comes to the Avengers: They have been represented at Comic Cons countless times, have made TV appearances, have impressed the people at galas and charity events - the lads and girls live for their roles!



Welcome to the wasteland! A visit to the raider camp, pitching duels against raptobots, a short browse around the trading post or a mega photo shooting in your fallout costume with hundreds of other fans - the teams of ACT Advanced Cosplay Technologies, BASEMENTAL PROPS and Raptobot are creating a complete wasteland outpost at CCXP COLOGNE!

The three groups have been active on the scene for years and impress fallout fans with their photo points, interactive environments and props - and should you have a problem with your costume, simply make use of the new "Smart Repair Station" of BASEMENTAL PROPS.

Lord of the Rings

Lord of the rings CCXP COLOGNE

On the tracks of companions through Moria, a relaxing pipe in the Shire or would you prefer to have a quiet browse in The Silmarillion? You can decide at the stand of the Deutsche Tolkien Gesellschaft e.V.! Visit the Ork-LARP Dungeon of Khazad Dum, have a photo taken in front of a Hobbit cave, try out board games from the Middle-Earth Universe or simply talk shop with other Tolkien fans.

The DTG is the first literary club in Germany that exclusively occupies itself with the works and life of the British author, J.R.R. Tolkien. For the CCXP COLOGNE they are bringing the world of the Middle-Earth to Cologne - from the books, to board games, through to the costumes. So: Speak friend and enter!



Already eaten pudding with Luna? Learnt something about transformations from Professor McGonagall? Or discussed the rights of house elves with Hermine? No? Then it is high time! The HogWizards are attending CCXP COLOGNE with the magical world of Harry Potter - and you will be in the midst of it in Cologne!

The members of the HogWizards Costuming Group are true Potterheads – and anyone who experiences all of the magicians and witches live in their costumes from Hogwarts and the surroundings, are bound to become one soon too! And if you have a cosplay yourself that fits in with the world of Harry Potter - we'll see you at Platform 9¾!


Ghostbusters German Division

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! The Ghostbusters German Division is bringing the spirit of the films from the 80s with them - and they even have the ECTO-1 on board, the company van from the first film in 1984. Let yourself be whisked back to the original film scenes per Greenscreen, chase ghosts with the nerf gun or try out your supernatural powers via the ESP test!

With their authentic uniforms, pieces of equipment and recreated film requisites the over 20 active members of the Ghostbusters German Division perfectly capture the flair of the cult films - but don't let them slime you!


Transformers CCXP COLOGNE

Autobots, decepticons, a gamesbot, wheeljack, and fantastic show cars - 15 times a day AJ Designs will rock CCXP COLOGNE with detailed costumes and structures! You certainly shouldn't miss the new humvee with a laser gun - a truly epic photo background!

Founded in 2015, the team of AJ Designs have already been present at diverse trade fairs and shows – among others at gamescom. Now they are coming to CCXP COLOGNE and you can take cool photos at their stand, talk shop about costumes or simply be amazed - off to Cybertron now!

Rotten Raptor

Rotten Raptor CCXP COLOGNE

Fallout time: Rotten Raptor is pure cyberpunk - a punk gang in the trailer camp, full of smugglers, wargirls and freaks. Admire the junk art, deal with the traders and and move in the midst of their battle vehicles - you definitely shouldn't miss out on the new V8 combat vehicle!

The Rotten Raptors have been on the scene since 2010 – impressing the visitors of festivals, conventions, parties or in music videos. With elaborate costumes, props and converted cars they have been mixing 80s subculture with films like Mad Max or Postman and video games like Fallout, Rage and Borderlands - look forward to the crazy tinkerers from a dystopian future!

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