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As an enthusiast of life action role playing, you certainly shouldn't miss CCXP COLOGNE. In Sao Paulo CCXP - Comic Con Experience - is already a huge success and now it is coming to Europe for the second time! Whether the Middle Ages, fantasy or the apocalypse - here you can experience totally new roles.

Whether you wear a costume yourself before diving into your epic battles or just simply want plunge into different worlds, CCXP COLOGNE is exactly the right place for you.

The theme Cyberpunk is of course represented here, alongside many other LARP and fantasy highlights. Would you like to prove yourself as a superhero and present your secret strengths to the avengers of the Marvel universe?! Or do you prefer to spend time in a fallout world as a lonely hero? Even as a Ghostbuster there is plenty for you to do at CCXP COLOGNE. Or perhaps you recognise yourself as a passionate fan of Mad Max, Harry Potter or the Transformers? All of these universes and world come together at CCXP COLOGNE.

So pack your best costumes and meet up with many other fans of the most famous comic, film, gaming and serial series. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of Marvel, DC, Transformers and many more!

Sonja Blümel

Sonja Blümel
Event Manager
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