CCXP COLOGNE: 25.–28.06.2020


Time travel into the Middle Ages: the medieval market

CCXP COLOGNE Medieval Market

Outside the CCXP COLOGNE you suddenly found yourself in a time when you were surrounded by medieval sounds, the rattling of knightly armour and chain mail, and the hustle and bustle of the market. Where did you end up here? Jugs with cool mead, blacksmiths, stalls with competent dealers - without a doubt you had ended up on the medieval market of CCXP COLOGNE in Cologne.

The medieval market is organized in cooperation with Patricia Gräfin Beissel GmbH. Since the beginning of 2012, the event agency manages Castle Satzvey and organizes a great variety of historical events as well as themed festivals and concerts at the castle between Easter and Christmas.

Experience life in 1399 at the medieval market in Cologne

Experience life in 1399 at the medieval market in Cologne

Start this breathtaking journey back in time to the year 1399. Dive into the world of knights and noblemen and experience camp life vividly. At the medieval market at CCXP COLOGNE, medieval camps show you what life was like in the Middle Ages. While noblemen feast and artisans work, knights compete against each other with swords and weapons in full armor – at our medieval market, you are surrounded by medieval life. Accompanied by the campers, you can check out their tents and learn more about life in these times.

Entertainment for the whole family

Entertainment for the whole family

Noble knights, fair maidens and little squires – there is something for everyone at the medieval market at CCXP COLOGNE. Be a part of the Middle Ages and become a knight, hold real swords and put on the knight’s heavy armor. It can’t get more medieval than this!


Gastronomy at the medieval market at CCXP COLOGNE

Even in the Middle Ages, there were opulent feasts, delicious foods and refreshing drinks. At our medieval market at CCXP COLOGNE, we invite you to dine in the cozy atmosphere of our tavern. Diverse food stands offer snacks and meals, like deliciously topped medieval flatbread or waffle spears. Add a refreshing mead or Odin’s drink to gain back your energy and dive back into the hustle and bustle of the medieval market.

Music & Entertainment

Music & Entertainment

Medieval sounds, musicians with medieval instruments, jesters entertaining with their tricks – our colorful program with numerous artists provides entertainment for every medieval fan.

Falknerei „Skyhunters Frechen“

Falknerei „Skyhunters Frechen“

Owls right up close? Have you ever seen a buzzard fly from right up close? Or cuddled with ferrets? All of this is possible with "Skyhunters Frechen" falconry . They bring all of them with them: little owls, barn owls, eagle owls, buzzards, falcons and eagles.

You have the possibility to let all of the birds perch on your fist, while the "Skyhunters Frechen" falconry provides you with a lot of knowledge about the lives of these fascinating animals.

You will also find out everything on the topic of falconry and species protection. Of course you can also take photos. A short flight demonstration will also be offered when the weather is appropriate.

Do you have any question? Don’t be shy, just ask!

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Historical products at the medieval mark

craftsmanship of the Middle Ages

The medieval market in Cologne offers a broad range of medieval products from medieval clothes and leatherwork to handmade jewelry. The weaponry and potteries will give you an insight into the traditional craftsmanship of the Middle Ages. So step closer, noble Ladies and Lords, to have a closer look at the intricacies of the medieval market. Enjoy remarkable offers, talk to merchants about the exciting medieval lifestyle and haggle with them to take your medieval souvenir at the best price home into modern times.

Medieval market in Cologne – be there!

Whether you want to enjoy medieval delicacies, experience a knight’s life at first hand or look at historical craftsmanship: we have it all at the medieval market at CCXP COLOGNE. The fascination of this special medieval market will captivate you… because visitors will be included in the event and immerse into a completely different world. Look forward to a fantastic event for the entire family. Good day and see you anon!

About Castle Satzvey

About Castle Satzvey

Castle Satzvey is one of the most beautiful water castles of its region. The castle was first mentioned in a document in 1396, its foundation walls, however, are suspected to be even older. The castle has been family-owned for more than 300 years and is still main residence and head office of the family of the Counts Beissel von Gymnich.

Castle Satzvey is well known across state borders for its successful combination of monument preservation and presentation of living history. The family’s guiding principle is “preservation through entertainment“. Since the beginning of 2012, castle management has been passed on to the event agency Patricia Gräfin Beissel GmbH. Family orientated events, a diverse schedule and interesting presentations are highly important to Patricia Gräfin Beissel GmbH. It is the agency’s mission to present history and tradition in a fun way in order to make it appealing for the modern age.