CCXP COLOGNE: 27.–30.06.2019

Artists' Alley

Artists’ Alley – where comic book artists bring your favorite heroes to life

CCXP COLOGNE provides an extraordinary opportunity: meet your favorite comic book artists live and up close! Visit our Artists’ Alley and watch international comic book artists put epic battles, invincible heroes, and dangerous villains on paper. In this area in the middle of CCXP COLOGNE, real-life heroes work their magic to bring comic book heroes to life. You can buy works of the many national and international artists as well as have your comic books signed by the comic book artist. So, don’t forget to bring your favorite comic books!

Artists' Alley

Get to know your favorite illustrator in our legendary Artists’ Alley and take the opportunity to chat with them. Watch how fantastic worlds and their characters come to life and let the fictional world captivate you! Don’t miss the opportunity at CCXP COLOGNE to add one or two autographs from famous comic book artists to your collection and create unforgettable moments!

Artists’ Alley – live and in dazzling colors

The most unforgettable moments of CCXP COLOGNE often arise from direct exchange with famous national and international artists of the comic book universe. The following pictures give you a small taste of the exciting experiences that await you when you watch your idols work in the Artists’ Alley.

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You don’t want to miss this!

At CCXP COLOGNE, you can meet the heroes whose story you follow in comic books, movies, or series and watch your favorite artists, who work among others for Marvel or DC, do their creative work, chat with them and get their autograph. Immerse into different fictional worlds and forget everything around you! Don’t miss out on this special event full of cosplay, artists and comic book fans!

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Become part of this epic comic convention!

You still don’t have a ticket to CCXP COLOGNE? Well, it is about time you get one! Buy your ticket for THE comic book event of the year and be there, when fans and celebrities of comic books, movies and series come together to celebrate the comic book universe!

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CCXP COLOGNE offers many surprises to make your personal experience legendary. Check out the various offers and find relevant information on how to get to Koelnmesse here.

Information about CCXP COLOGNE