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Infos and rules on the Cosplay Championship

General information on the Cosplay Championship

Saturday is on the house – 2021!
The top 10 finalist, who made it through the online preselection will receive free admission to CCXP COLOGNE 2021 on Saturday 26th of June 2021 for themselves and a companion.

Solo performance
Han Solo would be proud of you! The CCXP COLOGNE Cosplay Championship – also virtually is a single competition. Every participant presents the costume alone. Duos or pairs are not allowed.

Under close examination: the prejudging
The virtual Cosplay Championship has two levels: We start with an online preselection, that leads to the finale of the top 10 Cosplayers. The 10 best placed cosplayers are automatically attending the CCXP COLOGNE Community Award and will be featured with their video in our awardshow video.

Action! And Cheese!
To take part in our virtual Cosplay Championship, we need photos and videos from your cosplay, to help the jury to examine your entry. The photos shouldn’t be edited too much and show your cosplay well from all angles.
How you design your video is totally up to you! No matter if you want to create a skit, present a monologue or share some epic shots with music – just be creative an use your 30 seconds to present your work in the best way.

If you use music, it has to be royalty free music or your own recording. As we will present your video on e.g. YouTube, we only can feature videos with music/sound, that hurt no copyright.

Video features:

  • landscape - 16:9
  • min. FULL HD = 1920 × 1080 px
  • file format .mpeg
  • maximum length: 30 seconds

Class of 2021
After the Cosplay Championship we will feature all cosplayers videos, that match our rules in a separate video on our channels.

Holy rules

One cosplay per cosplayer
Even if you’ve got a huge collection and lots of awesome cosplay projects that you’re proud of: we want to see your finest creation! Friends or family wearing your second-best cosplay won’t be allowed to compete. Give another cosplayer the chance to present their work on stage.

“I’m 18 in two weeks!”
Yes, we know, the age question is always an issue. But the Cosplay Championship is for 18s and over – also in it’s virtual edition. . Please only enter if you’re already 18.

Let me through – I’m a professional!
Money, money, money! Do you make revenue from cosplay or commissions? Perhaps it’s even your full-time job? Maybe you’ve trained in costume making or studied it at e.g. a college? Before you enter, think hard about whether you really want to join a championship alongside hobby cosplayers.

Handmade with your own passion
Our Cosplay Championship is designed to highlight cosplayers that have created amazing costumes. If you haven’t made your cosplay yourself, have a really good think hard about whether you want to take part. If you’ve purchased or commissioned parts of your costume, for example a wig, but you’ve made everything else yourself, that’s absolutely fine! Simply enter a comment about this when you register so that the jury can take it into account.

Please put your 3D glasses on now!
3D printing is unstoppable in the cosplay scene. When you register, please tell us whether you created the file yourself and printed it, purchased the file or downloaded it free of charge, only printed yourself or just reworked it yourself. This will allow the jury to judge your work, and it means that we won’t have to rule out 3D-printed items. Reworking and painting 3D-printed items takes a good deal of work, and we recognise that.

Itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny!
CCXP COLOGNE is an event for the whole family. If your outfit covers less than a teeny-weeny bikini, we can’t consider your video for the top 10 finalists or to be broadcasted on our channels in general.

It’s all mine!
If you’ve not only made your own costume but also came up with your whole costume design yourself, then you’re more than welcome to take part in our Cosplay Championship as your own original character. Here’s the important bit: please send us some information on your inspiration and include some drawings, etc., with your entry so that the jury can get an idea of your work. This also applies to LARP costumes or if you’ve redesigned a well-known character.

Any questions? Ask!
If you should still have any questions about the Cosplay Championship extending beyond the application, please feel free to write Kes and Marcel an e-mail at