Our orga team: Kes Costumes & Cosplay

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The Cosplay Championship will be presented and organised, as in previous years at the Role Play Convention, by Kes and Marcel from Kes Costumes & Cosplay. Kes will of course also lead us through the programme, which is filled with many impressive cosplays! Kes and Marcel will support the participants together with their team and ensure that the finalised cosplayer can enjoy their big moment in the Thunder Theater .

About Kes Costumes & Cosplay

Kes has been hosting and organising cosplay competitions for more than 10 years. She has been producing costumes for LARP, reenactments and of course cosplays for even longer, in the meantime together with Marcel: the two focus on cosplay from video games, TV and movies, in this case especially from the Marvel Universe. You can meet them at conventions as Thor, Black Widow or Hela, the goddess of death – Kratos from the God of War game series was most recently added as a major project. Whether sewing, embroidery, leather processing, body paint or foam-smithing. Kes and Marcel are real all-rounders when it comes to cosplay.

You can also follow them on their social media channels and see what projects are coming up next for the two of them: Instagram Kes | Instagram Thor | Facebook Kes Costumes & Cosplay

Pictures of Kes Costume & Cosplay

Any questions? Ask!

If you should still have any questions about the Cosplay Championship extending beyond the application, please feel free to write Kes and Marcel an e-mail at