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Cosplay Universe

Cosplay Universe – Everything here revolves around cosplay!

Be your own hero! In the Cosplay Universe at CCXP COLOGNE, your role came to life. After hours, days, and months of planning, tinkering, sewing and testing, your moment finally arrived: to the entire community you could show your cosplay, numerous admirers and highly anticipated celebrities of the scene. Never before has cosplay been celebrated like this. You could have been part of this incomparable experience!

Cosplay Championship CCXP COLOGNE

Virtual Cosplay Championship

Who did the best cosplay? Everybody wanted to know. Was a newcomer able to amaze us all? Or were the experienced cosplay stars convincing in the end? A distinguished jury awarded the most breathtaking cosplays fantastic prizes at the Cosplay Championship.

Cosplay Championship
Cosplay Walking Acts CCXP COLOGNE

Cosplay Walking Acts

The best of the best at CCXP COLOGNE: Extraordinary Cosplay Walking Acts were not just on stage, you could even meet them in person. You could take the opportunity to meet your favorite charakters and take pictures for eternity.

Cosplay Walking Acts
International Cosplayers at CCXP COLOGNE

International Cosplayers at CCXP COLOGNE

Into the Cosplay Universe you could meet your favourite cosplayer. Whether meet&greet, autographs or a personal photo with one of your favorite star, you've hit the spot. To make the experience unforgettable, you could shoot selfies with one of the cosplayers in front of our big photo wall right next to their tables.

International Cosplayers
Cosplay Backstage CCXP COLOGNE

Cosplay Backstage

You've never experienced a cosplay event like this before! CCXP COLOGNE had an entire backstage area just for you: At the dressing tables, you could transform into your alter ego and even got help from an experienced make-up artist. The fitting rooms were big enough for your Mercy Wings or a sweeping cape.

Cosplay Backstage
Cosplay emergency? Off to the Cospital!

Cosplay emergency? Off to the Cospital!

In the unique Cospital opposite the Cosplay Backstage you could repair your costume. Here the professional team of the repair service wais at your side. The Cospital was maintained by Cosplayflex. At their stand you could also try out or buy the material for your next costume.

Cosplay Cospital 2019
Make-up area CCXP COLOGNE

Make-up area – Get a new look

Hairstyling, make-up and bodypainting are the passions of Kami Zero and Carina Pusch. These two as well as the influencers Kupferfuchs, bloodynyuu and zayuri and the photographer FreitagFotografie were represented in the Make-up area to present live make-up and various stylings.

Make-up area
Cosplay stands

Cosplay stands – of cosplayers for cosplayers

Selected cosplayers presented their amazingly detailed creations on unique and individual cosplay stands. You could drop by the Cosplay Universe to talk with cosplay experts and look over their shoulders.

Cosplay stands
Cosplay Universe photo stand at the CCXP COLOGNE

eosAndy - shows you what you can do!

There cannot be a better souvenir from the Cosplay Universe at the CCXP COLOGNE. Here you were photographed by pros with cosplay passion. You got a professional picture of your cosplay and could download it after the event! eosAndy and his team were looking forward to you.

Cosplay photo stand
Inspection of accessories

We not only want CCXP COLOGNE to be a truly epic experience - we also want it to be a safe one! In order that we can ensure that for everyone, like at any other events of this kind, there will be costume design regulations and rules for accessories - please have a look at the costume design regulations (.pdf) before getting into your role.

Highlights of the Cosplay Universe – experience cosplay like never befor

Old friends and new ones, admired professionals and excited newcomers – they all come together at CCXP COLOGNE, because there is one thing that unites us: the love for cosplay. In our first-time Cosplay Backstage Area, you can leave your everyday life behind and transform into your hero. Sit down at the dressing table next to Harley Quinn, Imlerith or Dark Maul to put on make-up and dress up. With tips from a make-up artist, your cosplay will reach the next level – or maybe you have one or two secret tips to share with your fellow competitors. While you dive into the hustle and bustle, your belongings will be save in the cosplayers’ cloakroom.

Compete against kindred spirits and talk to chosen cosplayers at five stands about the passion and work you put into your cosplays. Don’t forget to take pictures for your followers and get autographs for your own collection! Has part of your breastplate or the leather of your sword’s hilt come off in the hustle? No reason to panic, because our Cospital is equipped to fix your valuable creation. In case you can’t do it yourself, our repair team will advise and help you. You’ll be ready again in no time!

Good reasons for CCXP COLOGNE visitors

Live the epic!

Immerse into the world of cosplay: Show your latest creation, interact with other cosplayers and be part of this exceptional event. You don’t want to miss CCXP COLOGNE!

Good reasons for CCXP COLOGNE
Information about CCXP COLOGNE


An extraordinary event awaits you! In order to make the most of your visit and not miss anything, you will find all the important information about CCXP COLOGNE here, like the hall plan and travel information.

Information about CCXP COLOGNE
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