CCXP COLOGNE: 27.–30.06.2019


Cosplay Backstage – Let the transformation begin

Cosplay Backstage CCXP COLOGNE

The CCXP COLOGNE is the stage and you are the stars! And real stars deserve their own backstage area – therefore, cosplayers at CCXP COLOGNE have their own exclusive Cosplay Backstage! No room to change, putting on make-up in front of tiny bathroom mirrors and hardly any lockers for your stuff? Not at CCXP COLOGNE! Here, we provide anything you need to transform into your favorite character! Get your costume in the limelight before you have yourself photographed with Toni Stark or visit the Ghostbusters . By the way, the use of the Cosplay Backstage Area in hall 7, stand G-011 + F-010 is completely free of charge; there is no extra ticket needed.

Cosplay Backstage Area – mirror, mirror, on the wall… who does the best cosplay of them all?

You put your heart and soul into your latest cosplay and therefore, you should be able to present yourself accordingly. Our Cosplay Backstage Area provides numerous dressing tables with large illuminated mirrors for perfect hair, make-up and costume fit. Because we know that it takes some effort to transform into Aayla Se cura from Star Wars, Marvel’s Venom or Kindred from League of Legends. It’s real art! Spread out your make-up, pull out your brushes and get started. An experienced make-up artist will gladly give you professional advice to perfect your look. Anyway, you do want to win one of the desired prizes at the Cosplay Contest , don’t you?

Cosplayers never had this much space

Suit, dress, cape, wig, accessories… is your luggage somewhat huge? No problem, because in the Cosplay Backstage Area, you can spread out. The fitting rooms are big enough for you to transform into your character layer after layer. Even sweeping headdresses and grand capes fit into them. Your belongings will be save in the cosplayers’ cloakroom and lockers, so you can fully enjoy the event. Immerse into the world of cosplay with kindred spirits and live the moment!

A cosplay emergency? We are here to help!

Torn fabric, part of the headdress falling off or a broken battleax – all the hard work of the past months seems to be for nothing when your cosplay outfit is not perfect anymore. We have the solution! In our unmatched Cospital opposite off the Cosplay Backstage Area, you can fix your costume. A professional repair team helps you undo any accident, so you can get back out there in no time and show your skills in the Cosplay Championship.

Inspection of accessories

We not only want CCXP COLOGNE to be a truly epic experience - we also want it to be a safe one! In order that we can ensure that for everyone, like at any other events of this kind, there will be costume design regulations and rules for accessories - please have a look at the costume design regulations (.pdf) before getting into your role.

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