CCXP COLOGNE: 27.–30.06.2019


Cosplay photo stand - eosAndy shows you what you're made of!

RPC & Cosplay © eosAndy

RPC & Cosplay © eosAndy

The photo stand of eosAndy is another part of the Cosplay Universe, which you should visit. Get a professional picture of your cosplay! We bring eosAndy to CCXP COLOGNE and offer you a free photo service. Your personal photo will be available for download at the end of the event. So come and check it out!

About eosAndy aka Andreas Krupa

eosAndy aka Andreas Krupa is addicted to Cosplay and Larp photography. In his pictures he tries to show the variety of the talented costume designers and cosplayers and puts the cosplay character perfectly in scene. Perfect light, atmospheric editing and expressive poses are his goals.

His primary area is outdoor (on location), but he also feels very comfortable in the studio and at conventions and can produce many pictures in his own distinctive style in a very short time.

Adreas Krupa and an insight into his work: