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Make-up area – Get a new look

Carina Pusch & Kami Zero CCXP COLOGNE

At the make-up stand, a creative team that has known each other for years awaited you. They always implement joint projects. It consisted of the make-up artists Kami Zero , a hair and make-up professional and Carina Pusch von PuschArt , a bodypaint artist. Twice a day the two of them showed live make-up and styling, where you could of course look over the shoulders of the two professionals.

The photographer FreitagFotografie was also part of the team. Among other things, he has specialized in ringlight portraits. The influencers Kupferfuchs , bloodynyuu and zayuri were also there.

At the booth you could get your personal airbrush tattoo for free. In the photo area you had the possibility to have your own ring light portrait shot. You could also talk to the artists and exchange information about bodypaint and everything that goes with make-up and hairstyling. Furthermore you could take free photos with the influencer Kupferfuchs.

Pictures of FreitagFotografie at CCXP COLOGNE: