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Review 2019

MiniCon powered by Pets 2: The biggest event for the littlest ones from 3 to 12 years!

MiniCon CCXP Cologne powered by Pets 2

The kids were able to play in the MiniCon powered by Pets 2! The PETS apartment was conceived of for our little guests. The parents could entrust their littlest ones to trustworthy and trained hands here, and then stroll over the trade fair in peace. The PETS apartment, housed the play kitchen, the painting station, the kids' makeup station, the costume corner and a photo opportunity for great memories. We welcomed our bigger kids in the secret world of Snowball. It was the centre for action and fun on the bouncy castle and on the giant painting wall.

The heart of MiniCon was the bouncy castle, which invites younger visitors to jump around like crazy like Snowball. Kid's could really let off steam here, before they, for example, relaxed on the comfy PETS sofa in another corner.

The couch was the place to cuddle at Minicon. Here, one could take the snapshot for lasting memories with the sweet PETS soft toys. In this way, families could take their memories of MiniCon home with them.

In the play kitchen, Chloé was already looking after the pots and prepared a delicious meal together with the little ones. "Too many cooks spoil the broth" doesn't apply here. Here the little ones could cook like a real little master!

There were lots of painting templates for the painting station, which kids could fill with life in their own time at the table, together or alone. Were you more interested in pictures of Max and Duke in the countryside? Or did you prefer to paint the story of Daisy, Snowball and the tiger baby? Imagination had no limits. In the costume corner, the little PETS fans has find animal costumes suitable for the furry animation film. The PETS costumes were of course rounded off with the right "mask"! All the required paints and templates were available at the kids' makeup station – the kids choosed their favourite motif and transformed into their cuddly role models.

MiniCon powered by Pets 2
MiniCon powered by Pets 2