CCXP COLOGNE: 25.–28.06.2020


Your unforgettable visit at CCXP COLOGNE – Live the epic!

Don’t miss this opportunity – because this year was EPIC! Comic Con Experience came to Europe for the first time with CCXP COLOGNE. At CCXP COLOGNE from June 27-30, 2019, the superstars of the comic scene, the most famous artists of your superheroes, unforgettable events about cosplay, series, movies and board games as well as thousands of visitors who share your passion awaited you!

Get ready for the next Comic Con Experience from 25.06.-28.06.2020 in Cologne.

Reasons why you can’t miss CCXP COLOGNE

Highlights of Comic Con Experience 2019

Check out the events at CCXP COLOGNE. For you, we have invited the greatest stars of the industry to Cologne to celebrate the largest event of pop culture in Europe.

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