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Why you absolutely should not miss CCXP COLOGNE!

XXXL cinema!

A unique cinema in our halls

Thunder Theater: Sounds out of this world - and is even farther out than you think. In one of the largest cinemas in Europe, a huge screen, exclusive trailers and world premieres, live performances of your superstars, and even the unique stage - that's what the word epic was invented for!

Your favourite stars, films and series!

Stars from movies and series up close

The stars from your series, the directors of your favourite films, the artists of your favourite comics - all of them are in Cologne and you can experience them live in the Thunder Theater! You want more? Then come to the Ultra Stage and be there for the exciting panel talks!

In the middle of the action: The Artists' Alley!

High Quality Artists' Alley

In Artists' Alley, your heart will surely beat a little faster when you meet the best comic artists and illustrators in the world live! Get autographs or exclusive works, take selfies, ask your personal questions - you can't get any closer to your idols!

An entire universe for cosplayers!

Cosplay Universe

You are a cosplayer? Then you are exactly right at CCXP COLOGNE! Turn backstage into your favourite character. We have set up changing rooms, mirrors, lockers and even a repair service for you. Looks good? Then show everyone your cosplay!

The best cosplayers and fan groups!

Fan Groups

A horde of orcs and a group of stormtroopers right next to them? That's only possible in Cologne! Live role players, cosplayers, extraordinary fan groups, which you have never seen before: Everywhere walking acts and the best costume artists of the scene transform the halls into your favourite worlds and you are right in the middle as your favourite character!

The Medieval Market!

Medival Market

The medieval market is the home of the LARP (Live-Action Role Playing) scene: Here you live your heroes, rock with famous music acts of the medieval scene, dive into the hustle and bustle of the market - and if you feel like it, toast the epic CCXP COLOGNE with a cool mead!

Meet thousands of fans and friends!

Find Fans who are just as euphoric as you

You love comics, movies, fantasy, board games or cosplay and want to see the biggest stars of the industry live and meet fans and friends from the scene? Then come to CCXP COLOGNE in June!

Any questions? We're happy to help.

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