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Look back at all highlights of CCXP COLOGNE

The Comic Con Experience for the first time in Cologne

The CCXP COLOGNE - Comic Con Experience celebrated its opening in Cologne from 27 to 30 June 2019. During these four days the fairground was transformed into an experience hotspot for film, series, comic, music and book fans in Germany and Europe. National and international publishers, renowned comic book artists, cosplayers, stars from the TV and film industries, exhibitions, walking acts, film props and a special merchandise area made the event an epic experience for visitors.

Final report of CCXP COLOGNE 2019
Highlights der CCXP COLOGNE
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  • Ultra Stage | Tommy Krappweis & Kathrin Dodenhoeft
  • Ultra Stage | Cosplayer Against Cards Against Humanity
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  • Thunder Theater | FAST & FURIOUS: Hobbs & Shaw-Panel
  • Utra Stage | Dungeons & Dragons Let's Play Part 1
  • Utra Stage | Dungeons & Dragons Let's Play Part 2
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  • Ultra Stage | Star Trek Adventures Let's Play
Faber-Castell drawing battles

Faber-Castell Drawing-Battles

At the booth of Faber-Castell four exciting Drawing Battles took place daily during the CCXP COLOGNE 2019. Two artists each faced the artistic exchange of blows and showed live with pen and paper what they are made of.

About Faber Castell and the Drawing Battles 2019