CCXP COLOGNE: 25.–28.06.2020


Autograph- and photosessions

Autograph- and photosessions with celebrities will be available for purchase by all ticket owners in the ticket shop. Ticket prices and presence times will be published in spring 2020.

FAQ for autograph and photosessions

What does a photo session with my star look like?

Each star has several time slots for photo sessions. So, when you purchase your ticket for a photo session, please pay close attention to the selected time slot.

If you miss your time slot, you have no claim to have the photo taken at another time.

Principally, only persons with a valid photo session ticket have access to the photo studio. Children and accompanying persons, etc. must wait outside.

You should please already be prepared (hair, makeup, etc.) when you enter the photo room. You can leave your things on a separate table.

You position yourself next to your star in front of a photo wall and look into the camera together with him or her. The photo will then be taken by a professional photographer.

It is not permitted to take own photos or videos during the photo session.

You must then immediately ascertain whether you are satisfied with the photo. If the star, for example, has closed his or her eyes, we can take a new photo. There will be no second try if you don't like your smile in the photo.

After taking the photo, gather up your belongings and go to the photo issuing station. There you can pick up your photo printed on high quality photo paper in a 15 x 20 cm format.

Do I need to bring a printout of the ticket for the photo or autograph session?


Please be absolutely certain to bring the photo session tickets printed out in DIN A4 format (not on your mobile, etc.).

Be absolutely sure to note: Forgotten or lost tickets cannot be replaced or reimbursed.

No ticket = no photo or autograph!

Can two people appear in the same photo?

Yes, when both persons have purchased their own ticket for the photo session.

May someone / my child accompany me to the photo session?

No, only persons with a valid ticket are granted access to the photo area.

Children of any age and any kind of accompanying person require either their own ticket for the photo session or must wait out in front of the booth without exception. Parents or legal guardians must ensure appropriate supervision of children during the photo session. The responsibility for supervision cannot be transferred to our personnel.

What happens when the actor cancels, but I have already purchased my photo session ticket in the advance sale?

No problem. In this case, we will automatically reimburse you the money for the photo session ticket without you having to take any action.

Full and Epic Experience holders can choose a new slot / star.

Can I have a conversation with the actor during the photo and autograph sessions or present him or her with a gift?

Due to the tight schedule, we would kindly ask you to refrain from doing so during the photo sessions. During the autograph sessions it depends on how many people are stood behind you in the queue.

But, of course, here too we have to ensure that we adhere to the schedule to make sure everyone receives an autograph.

May I take selfies during the autograph session with the stars?

Selfies are generally prohibited unless they are offered for the respective star in the Ticket Shop.

How does that work with the autographs?

Each star has several time slots for autograph sessions. So, when you purchase your ticket for an autograph session, please pay close attention to the selected time slot.

If you miss your time slot, you have no claim to receive the autograph at another time.

You can either have the star sign an autograph card, which is of course included in the ticket price, or bring your own photo with you to be signed.

Principally, one autograph is allowed per ticket.

Are all stars present on all four event days of CCXP COLOGNE?

No! The presence varies from star to star.

You can find the days on which each star is present either at the page of the star or collectively at the at the top of this page.

How will I know if there is anything new for the ticket sales of the autograph- and photosessions?

About news on prices and the start of ticket sales we will inform you in the CCXP COLOGNE Newsletter.