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Cosplay stands – of cosplayers for cosplayers

On the impressive and individual cosplay stands, selected cosplayers presented their amazingly detailed creations to you. Here you were shown brand new costumes, props, wigs and many great techniques with which you could skillfully set your own cosplay in scene. You could talk to cosplay experts and watch them at work.

These were the cosplay stands at the CCXP COLOGNE 2019:

ThanatosArts and Dezzibell

ThanatosArts & Dezzibell CCXP COLOGNE

© Michel Takuma

Thanatos has specialised in costume sewing and also builds various kinds of props. In addition, she has successfully participated in multiple cosplay contests both in Germany and internationally, and served on many juries in cosplay competitions.

Dezzibell’s focus has always been on creating her own designs and honing her skills in armour and prop building. She too has competition experience, which she enjoys sharing with others.

Visitors could talk to both of them about cosplay, follow the creation process of an entire cosplay via video tutorials and purchase different accessories. You could there live to see how Thanatos and Dezzibell style wigs, make accessories and draw up patterns. They were also holding small games on all four days, where you had the chance to win various prizes. As an extra treat, Dezzibell and her photo studio offered mini photo shoots for cosplayers.

The special exhibits featured their best cosplays from well-known games and series like Kalista and Xayah from League of Legends and Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

Lara Wegenaer

Lara Wegenaer CCXP COLOGNE

© Fotograf-13

Lara of Lara Wegenaer Arts has been a cosplayer and prop maker since six years.

For the past few years, she and her partner have specialised in elaborate projects, which she would be delighted to show you at her stand.

The Vulgrim, Sunblast Angel and Dragon Symmetra characters, which Lara and Team Germany built for the Overwatch Cosplay Battle, will also be brought along.

For the first time, you were able to marvel at the Bayek cosplay from Assassin’s Creed Origins at her stand and observe the crafting process. Lara was also happy to answer questions regarding your own projects.

Tingilya Cosplay

Tingilya Cosplay CCXP COLOGNE

© A.Z.Production Cosplay Photogaphy

Tingilya Cosplay has been a cosplayer since 2015 and takes great pleasure in bringing her favourite characters to life. Her elaborate armor and fully motorized wings have special technical refinements such as fog and light effects.

Tingilya has already worked for a number of well-known companies and has been on the road worldwide in 2018 & 2019 as the official Uriel for the Darksiders III & Darksiders Genisis campaign. Currently she is the official Lyris Titan child for the new Elderscrolls Online part and is also in the final of the Cyberpunk 2077 competition.

At CCXP COLOGNE brought along some of her official cosplays that she has had the privilege of making for well-known game companies, including Uriel, of course. She also brought the latest Cyberpunk Cosplay with which she qualified for the grand finale.

One highlight will be the live work on a new cosplay, so you can get a great insight into the crafting and ask lots of questions.

WhiteRaven Cosplay Dolls

WhiteRaven Cosplay Dolls CCXP COLOGNE

© FocalFox Photography

WhiteRaven Cosplay Dolls is the pioneer and trendsetter for the lifelike “Cosplay Dolls” film dolls. Together with Wesens Costumes, which is known for its detailed armour, they presented a completely new interface between high-quality costumes and unusual props to CCXP COLOGNE visitors.

Both artists are experienced cosplay veterans and have been independent professional cosplayers since 2018. Visitors could gaze in wonder at the well-known Cosplay Dolls and armour from past years at their stand and secure the latest prototype by preordering!

bakka cosplay


© eosAndy

Florence “bakka cosplay”, who is German and French, has been a wigmaker and cosplayer for close to 15 years and a makeup artist since 2012. She is always looking for unusual, extravagant projects and challenges herself with each one.

Her “Junkrat” with glowing, smoking wig and party mode caused an international sensation. She had plenty of props, wigs and costumes on display at CCXP COLOGNE for visitors to examine. You could to stop by her stand for prints, posters and Polaroids as well as lots of great tips from over 14 years of cosplay experience.

Exclusively and brand new at CCXP COLOGNE – new wig orders, costumes and props as well as many anecdotes and techniques that bakka wanted to share with you.

Mirana Cosplay, 4vienda, Tcharlyn

Mirana Cosplay, 4vienda, Tcharlyn

At this stand, you could see your favourite cosplay streams at work and look over their shoulders. Or you could talk to the streamers in a more relaxed atmosphere, get to know them better and admire their cosplays and cosplay creations.

AimuCosplay, Leora, Michele Cosplay, Sir Highlord, Narya und Reym3D

AimuCosplay, Leora, Michele Cosplay, Sir Highlord, Narya und Reym3D

© Ruffys Fotografie, ZenoPng, EosAndy, Gamilia.Photography, Leora, CosplayPan.

Anyone can cosplay! Cosplay can be both beautiful and striking. From dreamy princess dresses to imposing armour. With the right techniques, anyone can achieve their dream project.

At this cosplay stand, the six cosplayers AimuCosplay, Leora, Michele Cosplay, Sir Highlord, Narya and Reym3D were ready and waiting to show you how you can best realise your projects. They took you through different stations to show you the best way to sew fabrics, design armour or style wigs. Also awaiting you were tips on how to create your own projects with a 3D printer or the optimal processing of leather.

The six cosplayers were working on a joint project on site, which you were able to see at the end of the event. And, an as yet unpublished project by Sir Highlord also awaited you. AimuCosplay, Leora, Michele Cosplay, Sir Highlord, Narya and Reym3D were available to answer your questions about the cosplays already on display at the show.

Caesar Costumludi

Caesar Costumludi - CCXP COLOGNE

Caesar Costumludi is also known as Alberto Kunz, the Italo-German son of a diplomat, whose second love is the Romans and costume design. In an elaborate exhibition, he explored various aspects relating to the theme of Rome in history, fiction and art. Accompanied by his faithful legionaries and an enchanting Cleopatra, Caesar himself revealed some of his treasures to the people of Colonia Claudia Ara Agrippinensium.

The high-quality objects on display and their professional presentation were particular highlights. At the heart of the trade fair stand was the 4 x 4 metre “general’s tent”, into which guests were invited for an audience with Caesar himself. With Caesar’s golden throne positioned in front, from which he received clients, senators and barbarian visitors, a special atmosphere was created here. You could prepare to be astonished by a showcase of high-quality Roman exhibits, display mannequins including Flavius, Cleopatra and the gladiator Maxentius as well as decorated military armour made of steel, bronze and leather.

Also on display at the stand was another outfit worn by the popular Game of Thrones character Sir Jaime Lannister.