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Joscha Sauer

Joscha Sauer

Not funny! Joscha Sauer signs!

With the suicidal lemmings, the yetis, Mr Riebmann from the wall, the time-travelling scientists Wilson and Pickett, the Poodle of Death and many others, Joscha Sauer has created unique characters that master normal, everyday madness, sometimes sarcastically, sometimes ironically, completely absurdly, damned cynically, but in every case extremely funnily. The Frankfurt resident by choice, born in 1978, has been drawing cartoons since 2000 that have been published both at and in book and calendar form, or as animated film series.

The new volume from Joscha Sauer is here! "Nichtlustig Nachtleben" (Not funny nightlife) shows how unfunny nightlife can be!