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Mawil signs at the booth of Sammlerecke


Mawil is a comicartist based in Berlin. His books, e.g. "Kinderland" about a youth in the GDR, published by Reprodukt as well as in many foreign countries. He is illustrating for magazines and newspapers like Der Tagesspiegel, teaching at artschools and giving workshops. Sometimes he even prepares an exhibition or works on a new book.

In 2019, Mawil was given the great honour of drawing a Lucky Luke homage volume for the Egmont Comic Collection.

Hommage „Lucky Luke Saddles Up“

On one of his excursions through the prairie, Lucky Luke suddenly lands in a saddle that couldn't be more strange to him: the saddle of a bicycle - in which he has to cross the North American continent as well. It goes without saying that this doesn't suit his actual saddle wearer Jolly Jumper at all. With Lucky Luke saddled around, the Berlin comic artist Mawil has the great honour of being the first German artist to take on the comic icon Lucky Luke. And he more than does justice to this honor with this fast-paced homage brimming with gags.

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