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International Cosplayers at CCXP COLOGNE

International Cosplayers - CCXP COLOGNE

In the Cosplay Universe you could meet your favourite cosplayer. Whether meet&greet, autographs or a very personal photo with one of your favorite stars, here you were absolutely perfect.

You were expected Kinpatsu Cosplay, Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey, Kristen Hughey and Maul Cosplay.

To make the experience unforgettable for you, you could shoot selfies with one of the cosplayers at the big photo wall to your heart's content. And maybe one of the Cosplay Walking Acts had time to enrich the photo with her or his presence.

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Kinpatsu Cosplay CCXP COLOGNE

© Kinpatsu Cosplay

Kinpatsu is a South African Cosplayer and Crafter. She has been cosplaying since 2012, and has made over 100 costumes which range across various genres, including gaming, anime, and western films & TV.

Her work focuses on craftsmanship and attention to detail. She has been a guest and judge at conventions around the world including Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Latvia and Turkey. She loves to share her knowledge of creating costumes through her online tutorials and videos and also hosts workshops and panels to help other cosplayers with their own creations.

Visit Kinpatsu on: Facebook Kinpatsu Cosplay | Website Kinpatsu Cosplay | Instagram Kinpatsu Cosplay | Twitter Kinpatsu Cosplay

Pictures of Kinpatsu Cosplay:

Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey


© MineralBlu Photography

Riki Lecotey (known as Riddle) transplanted from her igloo in Canada and moved to the United States has been involved in costuming for over 15 years. She is internationally recognized in the cosplay community for her ability to translate costumes and focus on craftsmanship. She's been invited to conventions around the world, to judge costume contests, host workshops, and promote confidence in cosplay through craftsmanship. All the skills she has learned through cosplay also has gotten the opportunity to work on a few Superhero films during that time.

She was a main cast members on both season of Heroes of Cosplay, winning the most awards during her time on there, Riki also has appeared in two award winning documentaries, and been featured on the cover of two of the most well-known cosplay magazines in the world.

Riki is the creator of Cosplay for a Cause, which has raised over $50,000 for various charities world wide. Her favorite act of charity, however, is rescuing and rehabilitating baby squirrels.

Visit Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey on: Facebook Riki Lecotey | Instagram Riki Lecotey | Twitter Riki Lecotey

Pictures of Riki 'Riddle' Lecotey:

Kristen Hughey

Kristen Hughey CCXP COLOGNE

© GQ México

By combining her intense love of gaming, skills in crafting and sewing, and zest for learning, Kristen Hughey was able to bring her own fantasy to life and become an internet personality, entertainer, and international cosplayer.

What started as a hobby to meet local, like-minded friends quickly became a portal to realms she never thought possible. She has since expanded her brand by becoming an influencer, spokesperson, and published model, representing major companies and traveling to appear at events to meet her millions of followers. Her ability to share her love for all things geek and to now meet like-minded friends around the world is her favorite aspect of this adventure. Even when she is not traveling, Kristen is known for her highly interactive online presence through social media and her Twitch TV gaming/crafting streams.

Outside of cosplay and gaming, Kristen has started a charity called Heroic. With the tagline "be heroic," the idea is that people will be reminded of their own power to make a difference in the world. All proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations.

Visit Kristen and become a part of her #HugheyCrew on: Patreon Kristen Hughey | Kristen Hughey | Facebook Kristen Hughey | Website Kristen Hughey | Instagram Kristen Hughey | Twitter Kristen Hughey

Pictures of Kristen Hughey:

Maul Cosplay


© eosAndy

Ben aka Maul Cosplay started his career as a film stuntman and has been a hobby cosplayer for 10 years before he became a professional cosplay promoter who is well known for his work as Geralt of Rivia for CD Projekt Red’s „The Witcher“, Soldier 76 for Blizzard Entertainment’s „Overwatch“, Snake for Konami’s „Metal Gear Solid“ and also Scorpion for Warner Bros’ „Mortal Kombat 11“.

With his own company for costumes and stunt promotion, Defcon Unlimited, he produces his cosplays, props and photospots on a high quality level for video game promotion.

Ben always focuses the most on the authentic looks of his characters and the smallest details. He also traveled to the exclusion zone of Chernobyl to find the right atmosphere and mood for his cosplay of „Joel“ from „The Last Of Us“ in 2017.

As one of the most talented stage combat fighters of Europe, Ben has also gained some attention through his performance of Darth Maul in the youtube fan film „Darth Maul Apprentice“.

Quite contrary to the badass attitude of his chosen characters, it is the most important thing for Ben to be within the crowd on conventions, talk to fans and followers and spend as much time as possible with everyone around. Oh, and he loves Disney songs.

Visit Ben aka Maul Cosplay on: Facebook Maul Cosplay | Instagram Maul Cosplay | Twitter Maul Cosplay

Pictures of Maul Cosplay: